Robert Maschke Private Residence
Eric Hanson- Architectural Photographer  

I am an experienced commercial photographer based in Cleveland, Ohio and have worked nationally. I have had the honor to meet some amazing people along the way. I pride myself on the long working relationships with some of the finest architectural firms.

Eric, Thank you for your great work. Without it, this book could not be possible. I look forward to working with you on many more projects.

Robert Maschke

 A Recent Project

Outdoor Living, Pools. We have created exciting images for local and national pool builders, architects and landscape designers, that promote getting the most out of outdoor living.   This assignment was shot at a private residence.


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University Hospitals Vision 2010

We received the contract to document three construction projects at University Hospitals (Vision 2010). We documented the construction and progress three large buildings. As the projects were completed we came in a photographed the final spaces. We are there to help for the entire production. We worked with University Hospitals and their construction partners to safely document the exciting new construction.

Recent Portfolio

Avalon Lakes Pool Pool Water feature and pool Pool at dusk Pool and poolhouse Lap pool Crews Nest Winter Landscape lighting Pool and pool house Gazebo Westlake Country Club night exterior Landscape lighting Exterior Pool Ohio Polo Club Pool RBC UH rooftop Landscape lighting Landscape lighting night Pool Walk Country club Hilton Hawai Pool and garden Chagrin Falls Pool exterior at Dusk Exterior Pool National-City OWU_Bradford_ Milligan RBC_9th_101014_083_LR UH Parking Garage Robert Maschke Architects Bay Village UH Rainbows Babies and Childrens Hospital Rooftop night exterior UH Rainbows Babies and Childrens Hospital Rooftop Norton night FBI Springfield_03_LR
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